Peace On Wax

Peace On Wax

We're bringing it back & pushing it forward !

*** SOLD OUT ***

***SOLD OUT***

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    The story of life


  • 02

    New One

    Shar-Pei & Systec

  • 03

    Another Lullaby


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If you love old skool hardcore music from 1992 / 1993, than you must grab this vinyl.

The record will come with a graffiti artwork insert by DJ Sweatseal. He is also a member and DJ from the Dragon-Technicals Crew.

The tracks on this EP were held back a long time by the artists and were never released. All the tracks were played only by the Dragon-Technicals Crew members on national and international duty.

Only the track “Dreams” was released on a spanish hardcore label as a very limited CD compilation called “Shot in the Mind Vol.1”.

Systec was the founder of the Dragon-Technicals Posse in the 90s together with his cousin Fluehman. The rforming of this Crew was to support the hardcore scene in Germany, especially in Mannheim City and later on internationally. Events were arranged, music produced and released by the Dragon-Technicals DJs. Many years later in 2006, Systec founded with Shar-Pei their own Hardcore Label “Dragon-Technicals-Records”. During this time the “Hardcore Breaks” scene was growing from strength to strength.

The tracks on the Black Gold EP were produced at this time, but never released. We always wanted to release the tracks on vinyl only. Now we are proud to bring a feeling of passion on a very limited vinyl run of 100 pieces only. So take the chance and grab yourself this fantastic piece of “Black Gold”. Why the name “Black Gold EP” ?… in Germany the vinyl hunters call a “rare vinyl” as “Black Gold” 😉