Peace On Wax

Peace On Wax

We're bringing it back & pushing it forward !


  • 01

    Feel The Rush

    Boykz & Chapman

  • 02

    Rock A Party

    Boykz & Chapman

  • 03

    The Feeling

    Boykz & Chapman

The Feel The Rush Project Part 1

‘Feel The Rush’ is the anthem here. It opens with JB breaks, big sub bass wobs and a ‘Feeeel The Ruuusssh’ vocal refrain.In come the 92 style hoovers and DJ Seduction esque stab patterns to elevate the rush to its peak. We’re off to the horses with a second injection of hoover stab business and cool beat rotations.

‘Rock A Party’ opens with Boom Bap Rap vocals, heavy analogue style synth stabs and crater making beats. A quick switch comes with ‘After Dark’ manic rave riffs taking over along with diva vox. prior to a number of synth melody switches with an Impact records vibe.

‘The Feeling’ treads into the late November of 1992 with Proto Jungle drums and spooky FX. The amens drop like a boulder , pummelling the speakers in anticipation of an extra large dose of uplifting rave piano. One enigmatic midway drop away we get a second luscious rave piano encore to close things out.

A big thanks to Tariq Zayid for the discography review.

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