Peace On Wax

Peace On Wax

We're bringing it back & pushing it forward !


  • 01


    Boykz & Chapman

  • 02

    Out of My Head

    Stu & Nee

  • 03

    Further More

    Nervous & Anxious

  • 04

    All You Need (Remix)

    Stu & Nee

– Relapse is a 4 x 4 breakbeat darkside smasher with a big Tango r.i.p & Ratty sound to it.

– Out Of My Head – This is a very catchy Piano Hardcore tune with 4 x 4 beats, breakbeats and catchy b-lines which would mix nicely with any Impact Records vinyl from '92.

– Nervous & Anxious go full steam ahead with a melting pot of firin' breakbeats, 80's style computer speech, female vox and quirky electronic synths….HARDCORE!

– All You Need Remix – What a tune to end an ep with, this has a mature sound to it with it's classy vocals and Piano breakdown, you'll be humming this one for days!

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